The Senses At The Beach


My mom and my sister smiling on the pier.
A look at the birds filled my sister with cheer.
The beautiful views at Avila beach,
Just show so many things that teachers can teach!

The warmth of the sand tickling my feet,
The cool ocean breeze and your hair just meet.
The refreshingness of the breaking of waves.
The feel of freedom and not being slaves.

The delicious smells of food nearby,
The smell of the ocean you canít deny.
The smells of the winds blowing from different ways.
Too bad I have to leave and it stays.

The sounds of the gulls chirping for food,
I would feed them, but I wasnít in the mood.
The breaking of the waves crash into cliffs.
The sound of my sister making sniffs.

I went to the beach, I am so glad,
Nobody there was even mad.
I was surprised to see the gulls fly by,
I wonít be sad, Iíll never try.

Written by Jennifer Vu
January 16,2004